15 December, 2008

Creativity: Conserving Energy vs. Getting Blood Flowing

Those cold winter nights and foggy days are important, if not in an actual sense, then in a metaphorical sense, for an artist and for anyone, to rest. However, I have found that too much rest and conserving energy actually leads to lethargy and a slowing down. This isn't always a bad thing, but can be.

Conversely, taking on many projects at once while can be envigorating can also lead to confusion, loss of sleep and if you get too much into a creative mood, dangerously close to mania or psychoses.

It is good to be aware of ;)

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muzuzuzus said...

I feel you. I also love washing up in lovely warm water when its cold and feelimg hands all warm.
I love beening in cocoon of warm bed, and hate getting up in the cold mornings.
We SHOULD be hibernating Oz. Shall we find some bears and ask to stay?