22 January, 2009



Laws and Rules Twist and Bend
The way that art "should" look
Trying to usurp to it's end
With theory and formula and stale old books
Math and Logic, Design and Convey
Copy, Paste, Repeat what I say
Dilluted, dull, covered with Gloss
Fits in well with the Hollywood Floss
Never quite real, the feel isn't there
The words of the Snake, going nowhere
Abstracted patterns, storms in the wind
loss of true living, true art is Sin
Winding, Not Minding, Right Brain over Left
Expressions Beyond the Perceptual Cleft
Clever with words, a poem must rhyme
and art should be pretty
not truthful, not shitty
And above all, remember
if you do some art
It's not really art
If the snobs don't say it is

14 January, 2009


You look at me
and our eyes meet
in harmony
your lips so sweet.
I can't forget
you look away
but tell me
come another day.
the bliss, the joy
i miss your coy
demeanor and
your lonely smile.
After a while
I see you and
you are smiling hand in hand
with another
with some other.
With another man.
So nothing that
we did together
is of value
is it, to you?
Spring through Autumn
Days spent wasted
But through it all,
Sweetness tasted
Sunshine shining
Hopes aligning
The two of us
Our future designing
And there I hoped
that it would last
and now it's all
part of my past
Your blue eyes
they look at me
so tenderly
and I can't see
I look away
Is this some game
you play today?
You hold his hand
but hold my heart
why don't you tear
my life apart?