07 February, 2009

One Day

There once was a boy named Sammy C
who wished to sail the seven seas
his brothers, they're called A and B
wished for nothing but to please

You see, since they were small as peas
they were told just what to do
and given few opportunities
for things they could persue

The TV told them what is good
and teachers told them what they should
accept as real and how to feel
but C, he sensed they did conceal

The true and passionate existence
that could be his with great persistence
And he was told that sailing was not at all acceptable
and to try to turn his passsion into something more respectable

His mother told him he could sell some boats down on the beach,
but never sail the seven seas or even try to reach
his brothers both got jobs and lived comfortably in housing
while C he lived in shambles, while dreaming and espousing

He dreamt and he went far, way beyond superficiality
dreaming of escaping, far beyond this sad banality
C he tired dearly of just doing as they'd say
He'd stare out at the Sea and whisper quietly "one day"

And did he escape to sail the seas
and feel the wind and breathe the breeze
Maybe he did and maybe not
It's not at all that I forgot

I'll only tell you he was true
and lived his dream the whole way through.
And didn't live his life through bars
and didn't mind the many scars

1 comment:

muzuzuzus said...

haha...........delightful. I read it out loud. has a very amusing rythym. forget the 'poetic term' for riddim at de moment ;)