15 March, 2009

Hardcore Zen, among other things

So Sean made a few videos about his kundalini experience and something he said about how his view of growing up has changed as he grew up. He said when he was younger he thought he would outgrow all of the boredom, the tedium, etc, but instead it was like he just went on to something different. I really dug Hardcore Zen, because at it's heart, it is about just accepting and living, matter of factly in reality, not achieving some instant enlightenment. No nirvana, just learning to live.
Another book that this reminds me of is Full Catastrophe Living.
Now I am not claiming I am really the master of this stuff, but I think that I've realized some similar things as well, learned to live.
When I started my own path, I thought my depression, visions, et cetera would disappear. At first, it was the meditation and other things, or finding a new job, or taking psychiatric drugs that I put all my faith in. None of that solved my problems and it's not until I started the slow process of acceptance that I learn to live. In some ways, I became stronger, learned different ways to deal and dialed back in some areas of my life.
Reality never really changed.
That something that is said in Zen a lot... awakening is realizing you were awake the whole time, or in other words, there is nothing else you need to do to realize your full potential.
In some ways, the whole idea of enlightenment is so often corrupted into this ideal of having no emotions or of living in constant bliss, so I can understand why it is a term to be avoided.
Plus, the whole concept sounds kind of... arrogant.
Still, I find I am very thankful for Zen philosophy. Zen and Zhuangzi(and to a lesser extent, the tao te ching) I really relate to. I read the Bible, the Gita, Koran, the Way of the Samurai, philosophy, psychiatry, but these simple koans and stories are really powerful.
I just was reminded of that these past few days.
I am including this video of an online friend, Dave, because I think this really drives these points home.

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