20 March, 2009

The human brain is on the edge of chaos

Cambridge-based researchers provide new evidence that the human brain lives "on the edge of chaos", at a critical transition point between randomness and order. The study, published March 20 in the open-access journal PLoS Computational Biology, provides experimental data on an idea previously fraught with theoretical speculation.

Right On! I'm digging this article!

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C. L. DeMedeiros said...

I believe that's true
my mind is trick me lately
in my dreams, everything is very surreal, usualy my dreams are with some logic
Right now is totally upside out
dreaming on dead relatives long time gone( taking trips with them for instance )
crossing mirrors and fading me and others in my images
Must be the state of my life in this moment I suppose.

Anyway I never feel lonely
Unless I close my eyes.
is a very strange feeling,
but I I close my eyes,I really feel