20 May, 2009


Dreams like the fog
slipping off in the morn
Slow like a bog
Bubbling it warns
It's Patiently waiting
'til the thunder is born

There's lightning and rain
there's running and sweating
Repeating this training
Seeing but letting
All forms turn to shadow
All things dissipate
I'm Not really here
I'm Not really there
Who am I, I don't exist anywhere
Sit back and stare
Be safe with no care
Sit fully clothed, naked and bare
And sitting with safety
all through the night
i can not be blameless
but maybe I might
Play in the margins
outside the lines
Become nameless
Out past the signs
Who are you
The voices all yell
I hear them tell me
I'm not well
Don't touch me
and don't get near
everyone, everywhere
Hatred, fear

And the walls crumble down
the blasted out drown
With blood flowing red
but not near to dead
Right there it stands
the white pure, simple land
but i still hear something
don't pretend that it's nothing

I hear a call once again
wake up from your dreaming
I'm watching you sleeping
There's hope here, my friend

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