21 May, 2009

Deep Ecology Philosophy

It never stops
Becoming whole
It's Something
that can not be controlled
The water filters
through the wetlands
through all the zones
desert to riparian
The air it blows both east and west
Blowing hard, then quiet at rest
And fire and Earth and Sun and Moon
Listen to them and feel the boon
Ecology is
all about life
Everything included
This place is rife
With fungi
and algae
and bugs
and more
With trees
and birds
and lichens
and scores
of sedges
and grasses
and flowers
and bees
and people
and lions
and rocks
and reeds
all communicating
and all playing
with self organization
The Mouse chews the nut that shelters the bug
That crawled through the soil
That held the tree snug
And up in the tree the Owl hunted the mouse
and swept down upon him, perched on his house
These systems are here
already being steered
Rocking the way
No hands on the wheel
Geology, Biology, Chemistry and Life
Take it all apart, Dissect with a Knife
Shadow upon Shadow, down the rabbit whole
Complexity neverending, never going to be known
Open up our eyes, really see the light
The new philosophy is the only way to make things right
And when we return to Gaia, the one great entity
the skies and the earth, the interconnectivity
the vision of all
one under the sky
not a machine
a complete breathing being
we live drink eat, we breathe fly sleep,
we drink the same water
we walk the same paths
as we go into the future
we look back to the past
have you ever wondered why
as you look at the sky
what makes you smile
what makes this worthwhile?
if you listen, it speaks
bright blue streaks
songbirds who tweet
the wind in your hair
the feel of the dirt
the soil, the earth
the smell of the trees
the pollen, the bees
the tastes from the fields
the power to heal
the sight of the sun
and feeling as one
the feel of a touch
being whole in enough
the taste of pure air
so clean and so fair
the wind and the rain
do you feel the change
the seasons, the trees
the southerly breeze
the valleys, the hills
the path to the will
the wolf calling loud
many voices all proud
the water, the rain
the wind like a train
and fire at night
quiet burning so bright
the path to nowhere
the colors the sounds
the smells all around
is it your senses, your tastebuds
what lies between up ahead or above
and knowing the connection
the breaths that we take
we're all here together
one destiny, one fate

We live, we breathe
the world does not stop
It can not be dropped
It wants to be whole
Ecology's Something
That can not be controlled

The skin of the Earth
It's there in the Dirt
The Heart Beating Slow
Magnetic Below
Maybe it's Living
And all that it's giving
Whats running the show
Will we ever know?

We live, we breathe
We feel, we see
and the world never stops
the way can't be dropped
It wants to be whole
and it's something
That can not be controlled


Anonymous said...

Very Awesome Oz :)

Sherry said...

I just watched and listened to your Youtube video that I found on a blog that I follow from Austrailia!

Very Cool!