27 May, 2009


Hello little shadow being
I can hear your heart beating
Quiet, Listening to the Pleading
All these dreams
can bear repeating
These dreams of future and of Past
All these doors winding down Fast
And as these Nightmares creep ever closer
This endless darkness extends ever lower
Music makers, dancers, shakers
Lovers, singers, new creators
Amid all this violence, find the peace
Amid all this chaos, find release
And like Enkidu, we're all half-beast
In the dark shadows, we'll find peace
And as the new towers are built on the past
Already crumbling, obviously won't last
Built ever higher, built ever fast
We watch them go up, quietly laugh
Hearing the sirens calling and lulling
all of her soldiers to wall themselves in
And many of them obey
Because the Gods say
We are all Going to
Die One Day
Judgement will come, Satan will too
And Fenrir and Loki, to just name a few
Taking us down for all of our sins
Have we been good, or should we start again
Are we sinners or are we saints
It only matters who holds the paint
If Hermes sees us, may he send a snake
or a coyote, a trickster to take our place
The Halcyon days
Begin as they end
The Fairies and Magic
Make Reality Bend
We've been so asleep
and stuck in the past
We're here once again
Waking up at last
hey arjuna
hello christ
waking up
on this good night
hello Ra
hello God
We're all Princes
Noone's not
hello buddha
hello saints
get your pencils
and your paints
paint and draw
breathe and live
make a new world to give
we're all saints
we're all saviors
life as beauty
not as labor
we have the key
we're at the door
we need nothing
nothing more
hello brothers, hello mothers
walking down the road
no other
goodbye here we're at the end
hello again, wake up, my friend
Run and twirl and move like mad
there are no mistakes to be had
The time is here, the time is now
nowhere we must be somehow
Hello you
Hello Me
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1 comment:

vedekdrew said...

another great one. I like the way you incorporate the gods of olde into your work!

glad you had a nice get away over the weekend.