12 June, 2009


Why am I Optimistic
In a world filled with pain
Why do I see Hope
When nothing seems to have changed
Different year, different leader
but all playing the same games
When I look out my door
feel the air getting warmer
Seeing injustices pile up
On Earths every corner
When I sit on the bus
knowing I'm been stuck in a rut
Hear all this talk of a world that is brutal
Just be hedonistic, living is futile
I see drugs in the gutter
graffiti on the walls
most days delusional
so sick of it all
But I see cops being kind
and people taking time
and I feel people's anger
rising with the tide
I see crows kick their young
out from their nest
But I also see cats and dogs
peaceful at rest
I see love that is endless
and hate untested
And above all of this
I see scars that are mended
People are good
life also too
mass living and nine to five
is the real enemy, dude
To say it's all useless
To say we're all fucked
is to be under the gun
of a narcisstic schmuck
Look out the window
See what is now
And start seeing clearly
the power and how
The path and the choice
that comes with community
and having a voice
an optimistic opportunity.

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