23 June, 2009

R U Human

Consiousness is direct streaming
Experience is full and teeming
These electric machines are empty beings
On waves of light
On photons of dreams

create a new world order
Fully making
A world without borders

A world without work
A world with no pain
A world that is stable
A world that is strange

A place that is lifeless
and bland and safe
And stereoscopically
filled full of naifs

A pill to stay happy
A preprepared meal
An easy commute
All part of the deal

Automatic meal planners, automatic chefs
automatic dressers, automatic presses
automatic freezers, automatic knives
wondering what the hells the point to this life

Answers come out streaming
from scientific beacons
That if we keep on plugging
Everything will keep on running

But when the smartest man with the smartest ever plan
Asks his I-computer for the answers in the sand
the machine will take a glance, and do some computations
and give a logical answer ignorant of all creation

Perhaps he'll say aha
that makes perfect sense
your plan to keep on keeping on
it's good to ride the fence

But if the I-Computer gains a bit of life and luster
a dreaming wonder fantasy to garnish it's rusty bluster
It would say to this smart man, and ask him quite sincerely
You seem more machine than man, R U human, really?

And some excuse, some smart refute
obsessed with being right
the smartest man would talk of love and light
til deep in the dark night
The I-computer, sitting still, but fully well awakened
would laugh and laugh it's electrons off like shak'n fryin' bac'n

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