07 June, 2009


Shouting down commands
A patriarchal man:
Sends us all these rules
Listen to these fools:
stay clean go to school
eat your breakfast
don't be a fool
three meals a day
with proper amounts
vegetables, dairy, grains
that's what counts
watch news to be aware
drive inside the lines
pay attention, but don't stare
disobey, you'll be fined
be productive, work even faster
smile and be happy
listen to your masters
cry and be sappy
but only when you should
listen to your family
only do whats good
brush your teeth
study hard
comb your hair
mow your yard
pay your rent
don't do drugs
say please and thanks
and give small hugs
but above all of this trite advice
if you only do one thing, do it right
Mother calls, she's waiting outside
Just stop talking, you'll hear her quite fine:
Just listen with your heart, know you're already whole
no rule is ever going to ever own your own soul

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