20 June, 2009


The Sun peeks through the trees
The fog falls with the air
The wind, rain, the breeze
venture out, do you dare?

Unknown, Unexpected, Unwalked these roads are
We fly here in fear
The hawks watch from afar
but still, little dear
its the best day of the year

Where's truth in expectation
and glory in pursuit
Where's the song in a dead congregation
and stale and tasteless fruit

You'll dream of love
You'll dream of hope
and be knocked down again and again
think you can't cope?

You'll sit in the dark
You'll lose what you knew
Just get up again
and fight for renewal

The clock strikes midnight
and it starts to rain
it doesn't stop
torturous pain

But then the day comes
and the sun shines once more
another chance, another day
what does it have in store

A new path to walk
A new way to know
just give up control
so at last we go home

Forget everything
forget what you know
Forget where you've been
Forget what you're told

You were born a bird
but now time to fly
You're worried I know
You're gonna fly so high

The hawk pierces down
The rain starts again
As This chaos unfurls
You'll fly into the world

The Sun starts to set
the birds sing and play
There's calmness in night
after such a wild day

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