18 July, 2009


(video to be added)
to the altar to pray
for forgiveness, to say
where i've been this
and each and every other day, missing
gone from the spark
of life, of wonder
adrift from the magical
ferry boat of thunder
gods house, it's not my house no more
waiting on an omen to even the scoreboard
i know thats something we can afford now
man, we gotta set out our plans now

rabble rousing speakers espouse
i try to realign to reality now
in the scientific forum
where split up molecules conform
to what we say is the norm
but sometimes they storm
but you know
things don't always go
the way we think they should
still a hidden hand, guiding all this fucking magic wood
couldn't even change it if we thought we could

don't want to be blinded by hope and narcissism
but i see more magic to the world than scientism
the voice of the angels sing
sweet in my ear
and my heart beats fast, scared,
but i know there's nothing to fear here
the alpha, the omega
the start, the end
are we advancing upward
whats just round the bend
are we set to be saviors, evolve into light
or will we all stay here another good night

i don't want to be buddha
i'm ok to be me
and me and the spirit and God
we make three
Reflecting on reflections
I see my own mind
It's a magical machine
It's not who I am this time
But deepdown I'm connected, hidden in the darkness
These physical manifestations of Gods dreaming circuits
eyes of god, the unbridled wind, seeing yourself in more than your kin
everything, everyone, nothing left out, everything holy, there is no sin now
i see burning bushes, i climb trees of life
confused and deluded and covered with strife
i want to break free, i stab with a knife
but what am i doing? avoiding this life?
(freestyle experimentation)

17 July, 2009

Earth: another creation story

On his billionth birthday, a boy woke up to find that his name was Earth. He suddenly became aware of the beauty and complexity teeming across his surface and the knowledge that was slowly starting to crystallize. He felt everything and was completely aware of everything that went about on him. Knowing this, he felt very much at peace, very connected, and he found that he could smile and relax for the first time in a long time.

The boy meditated. He sat still and quiet. But the more still he became the more he became aware of his incessantness restlessness that was happening on his surface. It wasn't long before he was caught up in the changing weather, the highs and lows of love and anger and the drama of everyday life.

He longed to be at peace once more. To be like the calm moons or the simple, clean gas giants.

But he couldn't help but wonder, Am I a fool to want to be at peace? To want to be different? Am I simply selfish?

He mentioned the confusion, the vast emptiness that he saw dividing them all. The comets told him he was thinking too much. The Moons told him his obsession with perfection would ruin him. Earth eventually stopped mentioning his doubts to other planets and moons because he seemed to be alone in his questioning.

The boy then goes to see his father, Sun and asks if there is something wrong with him. He thought that if anyone would understand him, his father would.

But as Sun rolled with laughter and told the boy to just exude his strength, Earth was reminded just how different he was from his father. While his father did nothing but shine, Earth also desired to nurture, to create small fires to nurture all kinds of wonderful creations.

Sensing Earths discomfort, Sun tried to console him by saying "You are fine just the way you are."

The words do not help.

Earth continues on, feeling alone and confused.

And as so often happens when one is confused or deep in introspection, Earth does not pay much attention and winds up being battered by meteor storms, assaulted by solar flare ups and spun in every wrong direction.

And when he stops, he sighs, because he sees noone nearby and feels more alone than ever. He starts to cry.

Just then a voice from the darkness speaks, "Why are you crying, boy?", the voice asks.

Earth turns around to see a shimmering princess, covered in jewels and wearing a beautiful silk scarf. His heart melts when he sees her. He excitedly tells her his story. His complete life story.

She listened, still in the shadows, quiet in thought. When Earth was done, she introduced herself as Moon.

I hear many things from you, Earth, but tell me, if you could have anything, what would it be?

I would want things to be as they were before, before I was Earth, when I was just a simple planet with nothing crawling on it, or maybe I'd be like Jupiter, a gas giant.

Moon smiled, but that is not something we can change, she tells Earth. You have been granted a great gift. The gift of life. It is surely trying, but you must be unique to have received it.

The boy thought about this for a minute, then smiled. You are right. They must have thought I was worthy to be given such a gift. He looked out at the night sky and saw not empty space, but neighbors and friends, guides in the night sky.

Thank you very much for giving me hope, Earth whispered to Moon, I am eternally grateful. Then let me lead you in the darkness and in turn we can create a beautiful world.

Earth smiled at this thought and has been together with Moon ever since.


Obfuscate and Complicate, an overzealous plan
to control what's hidden in the ether
I'll blame it on the man
Or on those other huckstered suckers less aware than I
All a final fantasy, weighed down by the sky
America as hell or heaven
America as fear or lies
300 million pawns play chess here
No time to wonder why
Just time to start, live in truth
No City of Gold, No eternal youth
no green washed lies to keep us going
polluting and abusing, new seeds need sowing
America I love, I hate
America, time to set things straight
The shadowed past of war and slavery
As well as brilliance, courage, bravery
No perfect land, just perfect lies
no more change to bide our time
We're already here, wherever that be
We're lost but still whole, we need not be controlled
The more that we do, The more that we scheme
the more Gaia wakes up to shatter these dreams.
America, the brave, the proud
America, short-sighted, loud
Respell the skies, rewild the earth
Remember our elders, remember our worth
Slavery, Broken treaties, Corporate control, been too greedy
Plastic bottles, oil drums, we all know this shit is dumb
Hybrid cars, recycling plants, we need more than bandages, man
Proud tall giants reduced by fear, torn open asunder not seeing clear
Nature won't die, only us fools, us proud Vulcans with our shiny tools
To simplify, to make it last
the future is now, back in the past.