18 July, 2009


(video to be added)
to the altar to pray
for forgiveness, to say
where i've been this
and each and every other day, missing
gone from the spark
of life, of wonder
adrift from the magical
ferry boat of thunder
gods house, it's not my house no more
waiting on an omen to even the scoreboard
i know thats something we can afford now
man, we gotta set out our plans now

rabble rousing speakers espouse
i try to realign to reality now
in the scientific forum
where split up molecules conform
to what we say is the norm
but sometimes they storm
but you know
things don't always go
the way we think they should
still a hidden hand, guiding all this fucking magic wood
couldn't even change it if we thought we could

don't want to be blinded by hope and narcissism
but i see more magic to the world than scientism
the voice of the angels sing
sweet in my ear
and my heart beats fast, scared,
but i know there's nothing to fear here
the alpha, the omega
the start, the end
are we advancing upward
whats just round the bend
are we set to be saviors, evolve into light
or will we all stay here another good night

i don't want to be buddha
i'm ok to be me
and me and the spirit and God
we make three
Reflecting on reflections
I see my own mind
It's a magical machine
It's not who I am this time
But deepdown I'm connected, hidden in the darkness
These physical manifestations of Gods dreaming circuits
eyes of god, the unbridled wind, seeing yourself in more than your kin
everything, everyone, nothing left out, everything holy, there is no sin now
i see burning bushes, i climb trees of life
confused and deluded and covered with strife
i want to break free, i stab with a knife
but what am i doing? avoiding this life?
(freestyle experimentation)

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