17 July, 2009


Obfuscate and Complicate, an overzealous plan
to control what's hidden in the ether
I'll blame it on the man
Or on those other huckstered suckers less aware than I
All a final fantasy, weighed down by the sky
America as hell or heaven
America as fear or lies
300 million pawns play chess here
No time to wonder why
Just time to start, live in truth
No City of Gold, No eternal youth
no green washed lies to keep us going
polluting and abusing, new seeds need sowing
America I love, I hate
America, time to set things straight
The shadowed past of war and slavery
As well as brilliance, courage, bravery
No perfect land, just perfect lies
no more change to bide our time
We're already here, wherever that be
We're lost but still whole, we need not be controlled
The more that we do, The more that we scheme
the more Gaia wakes up to shatter these dreams.
America, the brave, the proud
America, short-sighted, loud
Respell the skies, rewild the earth
Remember our elders, remember our worth
Slavery, Broken treaties, Corporate control, been too greedy
Plastic bottles, oil drums, we all know this shit is dumb
Hybrid cars, recycling plants, we need more than bandages, man
Proud tall giants reduced by fear, torn open asunder not seeing clear
Nature won't die, only us fools, us proud Vulcans with our shiny tools
To simplify, to make it last
the future is now, back in the past.

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