20 August, 2009


Here are a few poems I am working on, writing in my journal. Will update with more when I return from farming and travlling early/mid September:

Call of Larks

Creeping Shadow, Spindly Web
The fangs are not the thing to dread
Bright and Open, Closed and Dark
Do not Trust the Call of Larks
In the Morning with the Dew
Sparkles Fine all Clean and New
Games aracin' once again
Never seen where we have been
In the maze there is no reason
Just Rainbow Candy, Pleasure Fleeting
Stroke of midnight, Pumpkin Spoils
No witches brew can be a foil
Another language, can't read signs
Lose your heart, just biding time
Keeping wide while keeping open
Fear of dark, Fear of closin'
This game can't stop, it can't be won
The Moon will set and soon, the Son
Futile race to outwit Gaia
While in the Pleasure holds of Maia
Creeping Shadow, Spindly Web
The fangs are not the thing to dread
Bright and Open, Closed and Dark
Do not Trust the Call of Larks


What is Home
But a feeling
Just a fleeting
Sometimes healing
Sometimes hurting
Place to rest
I have a house
but more or less
it's just a place to lay my head
and so I travel about instead
Finding new horizons to arrive in
But I can't stay, I can't dive in
A traveller then, a traveller now
No more home is to be found
No simple days on solid ground
Perhaps I'll stay a day or two
And rest my weary bones a few
And yes, it's true, I do like you
But tomorrow I must start anew
I'll grab my shoes and walk away
perhaps one day I'll find my way
I'll see the Sun, I'll smile alone
and for just one second, I'll be home

Gemini Starshine

Drama between Kings and Queens
In influorescent night I was deemed
Or I have dreamed
oh, how I dreamed
Once upon a time I made a rhyme
and I was The Gemini Starshine
A light you'd find to fire your mind
Inspire, I did, and I became the sign
But then forgotten, smotten, rotten
a ragged dog so much besotten
I fell asleep while at the race
like I was shootin' for outer space
I was jingle-jangled, my fairy's been mangled
and my ego just protecting a nest filled with brambles
Here I am: a zero, once was a false hero
Life as fame or something tame
all the same, it's a game that's played
race with nitro, make it a go-go
smile just right, so they know you're not so-so
Come on, pick it up, move and shake
I got a pattern to dance to if you want to take
But there's more than just dancing here at stake
There's hopes and dreams, the truth, what we need
But sometimes these dreams cloud up what we see
And I see it falling, hear the ravens calling
The vultures descending, tearing and mauling
The new history books, the new Kings and Queens
The delusions they live in fish tanks of dreams
So they dream their dream and so do I
But the towers they build way up to the sky
They're something, that for me, does not attract
The stars never helped me, never loved me back
All I want is to be real one day
there's no blue fairy to show me the way
I stand on the edge, in the icy cold moon beams
and From the black on night, I feel the Sun sheen
And red opens up the indigo sky
A new dawn approaches, this is no lie

All I've Got

Maybe it was a Mistake
Maybe not
But I did what was wrong
by rebelling
and now
so much later
it's telling
because there's no more rebelling
But these bad habits
are All I've Got

Is it Peace?

Once upon a time
Anger filled my mind
Rage tore apart my walls
Frustration filled my halls
I simply fought the world
Didn't know what to do
My seams coming unfurled
My heart breaking in two
But through the years I learned to live
And accept and struggle through all this
I sometimes wonder, through my dedication
Is it peace I feel or is it resignation?

Ok, that's all for now. I hope everyone is having a fine August. =)