25 September, 2009

Angry Bear

Angry Bear was angry!
He had told his brothers and sisters to wake him up
And they had Not!
And so by the time he woke up
it was almost night time
The salmon were almost finished their run
and the other bears bellies were full
Angry bear rambled and scrambled his way down to the rocks, down to the

stream, pushing all the other bears out of the way.
He greedily, head first dove into the stream, eating fish after fish after

When the others looked at him, Angry Bear just roared and scared them away!
And this made him happy, because now he could eat all he wanted to.
And that's just what he did.
All through the night, Angry Bear ate. When another bear came down to the

stream, Angry Bear just roared again and scared them away.
This made angry bear very happy
And when he ate his fill, he just kept on eating
because he didn't want to save any for the other bears and he hated all the

noise the salmon were making.
When he was finished eating all of the Salmon, Angry Bear was happy. But he

still didn't like all of the noise. And so he drank the river, too and he ate

the forest and pretty soon, it was very quiet indeed.
Bear settled down for a nice nap and fell sound asleep.
And Angry Bear dreamt. He dreamed that he was a salmon, struggling, fighting

to swim upstream, knowing that perhaps he might make it upstream and perhaps

He struggled and struggled and struggled, and he finally, finally, finally

made it upstream.
He woke up and thought about his dream.
And he noticed how quiet it was. Usually this would make Angry Bear very

happy, but today it made him sad because it meant there would be no more

salmon and no more bears and no more forest.
Angry Bear tried to vomit all that he had eaten, but something told him that

would not work, that it would be too violent for the fish to survive, so

instead, Angry Bear fell over in a great thud, fell asleep for good and

became the Coastal Mountains. His head and belly became the great peaks and

from his stomach, the trees and fish and other animals came forward once

After some time, Angry Bear woke up once more and crawled out from inside of

himself. He walked down the stream in the early morning, determined to wake

up earlier this year so he would have his chance in the fishing game.

16 September, 2009

No turning back

(This was a vision I was working on. I am not sure I am finished with it, but it had some interesting developments to me)

No turning back
on the icy cold plains
As the sky turns to black
as the wind brings the rain
My thin shirt does naught
a thing to protect
I sit, huddled, distraught
feeling distant, and bereft
And sleep will not come
I simply can't rest
I open my eyes
Remembering a test
Shuddering and shivering
Blundering, quivering
I walk out, I'm guided
I want to be snivering
And I want to rest
but its time to go forth
to the hustle and bustle
to finish this test
I go off to town
and filled full of fear
and I see the eyes
I see them leer
and then halfway there
I freeze in my tracks
Don't want to go forward
I will not go back
I barely register
and freeze when I find
a wolf has my silhouette
in mind
I fear the town
so I gather my courage
then I look at the wolf
then look at the forest
The wolf is more me than I
with those deep gazing eyes
beckoning me
lets ride in the night
So I jump on her back
and I start ridin'
we're free as we run
just the moon shining
Across the dark night
past the far fields
i see the far oceans
and mountains and steel
There's chaos and noise
keep running we do
think if we run far
we'll be safer, too
A great grove of trees
with no weeds underneath
a peaceful respite
the wolf stops to breathe
she lets me off and i saunter about
a tree draws me near
i walk underground
i walk into the roots
of this hollow queen
and find myself inside
a timeless, fine dream
and when i look out, i see all the others
the other trees, as sisters and brothers
im happy i smile, at least for a second
i don't think a bit that anything's pressing
the wolf starts to sniff
and lays down so quiet
but something in the wind
draws me back in
what was it, i wonder, i left in that town?
its so peaceful here
but the truth im remembering now
to town i must go
leave this fine place
i want to stay, but there is no escape
the wolf i do ride, tumbling again
the breeze flows by like riding on the wind
she gives me her fangs
her jagged sharp nails
i thank her
she smiles and gives me her mail
her leather fur armor
perhaps it will help
i start off quite clean
but as i walk in
my clean, polished sheen
does not last a min
i get scarred and bloody
smiling, thinking oh, lovely
I keep on going and moving
attacked in all directions
by the shadow creatures, the razor monsters
and the chainsaw demon with an unsavory infection
i realize right then, that im going to die
but its all ok, i just say goodbye
i make it to town and i fulfill my quest
by going to the door
then i breathe my last breath
and pull open and swing
that great wooden frame
The future comes forth and I fall
but it's ok
My mind starts swirling
I see a bright light
a flashing of fear
a losing of sight
And then a return
warmed by the nectar
Get up slowly, a voice says
You've been resurrectered
Who am I? Jesus, I ask when I wake
All of us are, the old man says to my face
There's something I must do
I say, trying to get up
The old man tells me, rest easy, son
Sit still and sup
Your work is all through
Your labor is done
Maybe unexpected
but you actually won
And to tell the truth
I'm quite happy about
the fact that I haven't
died yet somehow
Looking out the window
I see the mountaintop
a graveyard grove of trees
with some cubs there on the top
I smile, and they see me
and they all begin to howl
I smile back at them, whisper
there's no turning back now

04 September, 2009


The young warrior had dreamt of fire. He knew it to be a bad omen. So he went to the old wise man for advice.

The old wise man listened to the young warrior describing his dream, then presented him with leather armor to protect him from the fire. The young warrior thanked the old man and went on his way.

Just as in his dream, the warrior met a great deal of fire that day, but with his armor, he easily survived it all, slew the beast and returned to the village with a feast.

That winter, the warrior forgot to take off his armor (it was warm with it on, after all) and while his wife found the armor to distance them, she said nothing because the armor had allowed her husband to survive fire.

The next spring, as the young warrior set off on his travels, he met the old wise man again. The old man insisted on helping the warrior, telling him he could improve the armor. The young warrior said the armor he had was fine, but as the old man insisted, the warrior took the new armor, which was supposedly better in every way.

The warrior easily slew the beast that year and brought it home.

His wife, aghast at the new armor, which was colder and uglier than the old armor insisted he take it off, proclaiming she could not bear another year living with it. But the warrior could not take it off. He tried and tried, but found the armor had become stuck to him. So it had to stay on.

The years passed and the young warrior and his wife became old, with young warrior children of their own.

And these young warriors, having been sold on armor at a very young age had never fought without it, had never known life without it, and so did not find it cold or strange, they simply accepted that this was the way things were.

This warrior tribe became weak.

And one year, hearing stories of brave warriors who once fought the elements bare naked, a young warrior decided to strip off his armor and face the world.

He went into the cave, and the cold and damp air made him shake. He crept up to the monster and it heard him, turned and scratched him. He ran and managed to get away, but his entire backside had been burnt by the creatures flames.

He returned to the village with some scrawny fish, while his brothers returned with another feast. Yet despite not being successful, the naked warrior insisted he live without armor.
So year after year he tried, he fought and he learned the old ways of hunting, tracking and creeping that had been forgotten.

He had to wonder, why didn't the old wise man teach us this, instead giving us simple solutions. So the naked warrior went to visit the old wise man (who by now was very old indeed)
And the naked warrior realized, upon meeting the old man that he was not wise, but merely clever, and a good salesman.

The naked warrior went back to his village, taught his family and neighbors the secrets of hunting and told them if anyone ever came to them with an easy solution, a promise too great to be believed, to remind themselves that they were already happy.

And that they need nothing more.

03 September, 2009

Only a dream

It was only a dream, the dream was this
A place to go where life is lived
Where life is good.
Abundant yet pure.
Knowing that we are as much as we can be.
That we do not need to take more than we need
We have lived here for as long as anyone can remember and as long as anyyone can render, we have tendered this land. Day after day, things have always been this way.
We work sometimes, but we do not call it work here.
We call it living. Life as both taking and giving.
A continual cycle renewing and from this renewal, great harvests ensuing.
We need very little 'cept our bounty from labor, but what little we do, we find when we trade with our neighbors.
Sometimes we hear about the big world
The land that extends, endlessly unfurled
But we stay in our village, happy, content, not wanting to break something so carefully rent.
Bigger's not always better, more is not always needed
We have learned from the past, the wisdom, it is heeded.
Our children have no school, save the world entire
They learn to live and give and far from uneducated, they're inspired
Sometimes sickness comes to the village
and Sometimes people die
We have medicines and we often live long
But sometimes we must say goodbye
Sometimes these far off lands
Make us gasp in wonder
But then the stories start about the many many blunders
The wars for gold or oil or land
This killing is something we don't understand
And so we stay here, and we like it this way
There's more important things than money
each and every single day
But like I said it was only a dream
but something that is a possibility

01 September, 2009

Giants walk among us still

Giants walk among us still
hidden in tattered robes
They speak quiet mostly, though
their presence always known.
They fall like thunder
Wither and die
Struggle incessantly reaching the sky
We try to box them, they can not fit in
The giants corrupt what we try to keep hidden
And if one day we make it inside
Find a way to conquer the giants hide
We'll watch the giants that we slew
And find that we killed ourselves, too