25 September, 2009

Angry Bear

Angry Bear was angry!
He had told his brothers and sisters to wake him up
And they had Not!
And so by the time he woke up
it was almost night time
The salmon were almost finished their run
and the other bears bellies were full
Angry bear rambled and scrambled his way down to the rocks, down to the

stream, pushing all the other bears out of the way.
He greedily, head first dove into the stream, eating fish after fish after

When the others looked at him, Angry Bear just roared and scared them away!
And this made him happy, because now he could eat all he wanted to.
And that's just what he did.
All through the night, Angry Bear ate. When another bear came down to the

stream, Angry Bear just roared again and scared them away.
This made angry bear very happy
And when he ate his fill, he just kept on eating
because he didn't want to save any for the other bears and he hated all the

noise the salmon were making.
When he was finished eating all of the Salmon, Angry Bear was happy. But he

still didn't like all of the noise. And so he drank the river, too and he ate

the forest and pretty soon, it was very quiet indeed.
Bear settled down for a nice nap and fell sound asleep.
And Angry Bear dreamt. He dreamed that he was a salmon, struggling, fighting

to swim upstream, knowing that perhaps he might make it upstream and perhaps

He struggled and struggled and struggled, and he finally, finally, finally

made it upstream.
He woke up and thought about his dream.
And he noticed how quiet it was. Usually this would make Angry Bear very

happy, but today it made him sad because it meant there would be no more

salmon and no more bears and no more forest.
Angry Bear tried to vomit all that he had eaten, but something told him that

would not work, that it would be too violent for the fish to survive, so

instead, Angry Bear fell over in a great thud, fell asleep for good and

became the Coastal Mountains. His head and belly became the great peaks and

from his stomach, the trees and fish and other animals came forward once

After some time, Angry Bear woke up once more and crawled out from inside of

himself. He walked down the stream in the early morning, determined to wake

up earlier this year so he would have his chance in the fishing game.

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