03 September, 2009

Only a dream

It was only a dream, the dream was this
A place to go where life is lived
Where life is good.
Abundant yet pure.
Knowing that we are as much as we can be.
That we do not need to take more than we need
We have lived here for as long as anyone can remember and as long as anyyone can render, we have tendered this land. Day after day, things have always been this way.
We work sometimes, but we do not call it work here.
We call it living. Life as both taking and giving.
A continual cycle renewing and from this renewal, great harvests ensuing.
We need very little 'cept our bounty from labor, but what little we do, we find when we trade with our neighbors.
Sometimes we hear about the big world
The land that extends, endlessly unfurled
But we stay in our village, happy, content, not wanting to break something so carefully rent.
Bigger's not always better, more is not always needed
We have learned from the past, the wisdom, it is heeded.
Our children have no school, save the world entire
They learn to live and give and far from uneducated, they're inspired
Sometimes sickness comes to the village
and Sometimes people die
We have medicines and we often live long
But sometimes we must say goodbye
Sometimes these far off lands
Make us gasp in wonder
But then the stories start about the many many blunders
The wars for gold or oil or land
This killing is something we don't understand
And so we stay here, and we like it this way
There's more important things than money
each and every single day
But like I said it was only a dream
but something that is a possibility

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