11 October, 2009

Hyperreal Dreams

Ring ring it wakes you up
The telephone,
you thought you were alone
but the telephone is phoning home
you wake up, hearing you are dreaming
crusty eyes, everything seeming
not quite right
no land of dreams
nothing is quite as it seems
the dreamer falls asleep to waking life
and all this myriad toil and strife
he leaves this day for endless night
and in the darkness, hallucinates sight
and wonders am I awake
or just half baked
and blinking
am I a butterfly today
when will my problems fly away
but nothings quite just as it seems
in this land, of hyperreal dreams
problem is, my friend, my mate
we do not know we're not awake
ring ring the phone again
beckoning you to dive back in
to return once more to slumber land
where little boys are full grown mans
where you don't have to wonder, son
just wait and watch, enjoy the fun
Now you say it's all confused
Not knowing you are being used
And someone's laughing, of course: it's funny
Pretending life is fueled by money
Ring Ring stop this dream right now
for the real world is burning down

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