24 October, 2009


Cotton swept over the rolling hills
while I slept. the cool breeze
sounds of memories
and whispering trees
bring me back
And I go on with fear
from some distant neverwhere
to here
I read and see the whole world crying
howling like a wolf in the summertime
the dead and dying
sick and injured. I open my eyes
can't stop crying
And I hate that others are ignoring me
living in delusional fantasies
but find that I've been abhoring thee
These little things they help they aid
and grow as people in essence, to trade
technology for humanity
agony and ecstacy stead of insanity
the path unknown, chaos most times
but have to believe that we will find
and hope and leave the past behind

Create a new world with joy to find
and not abused and neglected minds
But freedom and community
Re-realization of unity
From out of the ashes from out of the dust
reborn from the heart, reawakened with love
And not some dream or mental task
to be envisioned from the past
But wholly realized fully new
Original thoughts are in there too

Let's leave this neverwhere behind
there's heaven here on earth to find

1 comment:

vedekdrew said...

and all we have to do is look around.

thanks Oz.