08 December, 2009

Only the Wind

Determination is all that be left
in the broken borders outside the cleft
and listen hearing the drums beatin down
and the sun shine in this border crack town
not feeling love, passion fire fury ice
right down to the street, it just don't feel right
and not enough soma here no way dear
to wipe this crystal clear always sincere
deer in the headlights stare, just everywhere
love in the distance and feeling by listening
not enough to know it, gotta grow it
broken straight friend, love, once knew turtledove
yet keeping it real blowing, embers in the cold its snowing
and seeing believers everywhere kind hearts that care
cops, workers, kids, you say apathetic
but they're saviors , im bein prophetic
so while we go on day by day this way
and see the sun shine its gentle warm rays
know it, we ain't blow'd it, ain't no election
can give you power already possessin'
and these old days return, and remembered
things change and then they've ascende(re)d
and you and me, friend, i'll see you again
even if next time im only the wind

1 comment:

Nichole Regan said...

hearing you read this poem out loud today was amazing... you're amazing & i love your poems