11 December, 2009

What it's not

not words not hope
not food not dope
not enlightenment
not entitlement
not tv
not ecstacy
not money
not love bunnies
not escape not denial
not ideals not asylum
not lsd not psilocybin
not prozac not nickelback
not being on a career track
not organic food
not super truth
not exercise, not opened eyes
not whispered secrets, not snarky t-shirts
not giving up not giving in
not finding new worlds to live in
not finding truth not living lies
not becoming the perfect, ideal size
not being famous not being rich
not being nice, not making a wish
not travelling, not unravelling
not meditating not levitating
not magic making not affirmations
not god not science
not lambs not lions
not jesus not gandhi
not beemers or hyundi's
not future not past
not slow not fast
but listen
just love
that's all we have