24 January, 2010

Vivid Dream

Dream symbolic.
I was getting ready to run away. Memories of times I had started or almost done this when younger.
I go down to the kitchen and see my Dad stuck in the back yard again.
I write that I am leaving. Saying I will be home later after lunch, although I don't intend to come back.
I leave.
Step out into garage and see a policeman. Strange and realize there is a shootout or something, slowly piecing together there is a police shootout at the neighbors house.
The cop ignores me or he waves me off.
I sit back, because I can't walk off like I had planned.
A baby comes up, crawling. I piece together that her family lives back the other way, I breathe a sigh of relief but then she says something about her parents going to the love hotel, and the cop says something about the shootout being at the love hotel so I fear her parents may be at the shootout.
The baby tranmogrifies into a cat and back several times.
I feel responsible.
Slowly it all dissapates but like a dream, nothing is exactly resolved or makes sense and I forget about running off.
Later find myself at dinner, he seems surprised but engrossed in his own private world.
I am just staring out the window again.
It is a full moon.

22 January, 2010


I haven't updated in a while
With poems or animations or anything
I think I'm going to be busy with this class
I saw a coyote yesterday night and one last week
They seem to be everywhere up here.
I envy them. They are so free.
They seem so free.
So anyway, if I am away, I am probably taking classes.
Trying to better this depression by engaging the world
I hope you are all well