25 April, 2012


I cautiously call movies, comics and modern pop music art. After a long day of practicing driving, running errands, looking for jobs and volunteering, I thought I'd sit down and watch a movie- I didn't want something too heavy so I picked "Tintin" and was promptly bored out of my skull.

Maybe it is the fact that I have written movie scripts myself, read perhaps hundreds of novels and "how to" books and in the process grown tired of stale, formulaic movies. Or maybe it's the fact that Hollywood and most commercial art are not things that, really say much of anything.

There was a time in my youth when I devoured Disney movies, Batman comics and cartoons of every kind. I dreamt of being a cartoonist or comic artist, but somewhere along the line I moved from Batman and Donald Duck to Bob Crumb and Cerebus.  
Editors Note: For those not in the know, Cerebus is kind of like Howard the Duck meets Duck Soup, Bob Crumb's work is psychedelic inspired insanity.

 I don't think there is anything intrinsically better about a Bob Crumb comic. Or, for that matter, a Kubrick movie. To tell you the truth, I wish I could just switch my mind off and enjoy things sometimes. There are certain innocent movies I have enjoyed, but more and more they don't come from Hollywood. And perhaps that makes me a bit of  a snob.

But looking at the upcoming movie slate, I am more and more depressed. Avengers. Spiderman. 2 or 3 other superhero movies, all of which follow pretty much the same script. A few more sequels of stale Dreamworks animations. I don't pay much attention any more, but when I do, I feel so out of touch.

But then I realize- Hollywood makes these movies because we support them. And from time to time, something interesting does come along. Something that doesn't require a trip up to the art house theaters.

And it's my job to support them and to return this turd "Tintin" promptly to the Redbox so they don't charge me for another night!


Andrea Rouda said...

I agree with every word. Hollywood movies are truly the narcotic of the masses. It is a rare one that merits much attention.

As for comics: Have you read "Maus" by Art Spiegelman? It's the story of the Holocaust in comic book form. Incredible. (I have an extra copy if you want a look, send me your mailing address.)

Janeczka said...

I understand what you say. I have been feeling the same way. I also watched Tintin recently and was impressed by the technical prowess they pulled off, but not by the story in any way. Plus, it had little to do with the original that you know so well after growing up with Tintin, so to speak.
Right now, I'm having an "Asian movie period", so anything else is out of the question. I have grown tired even of watching Western indie films. So maybe I'm a snob too :p

ozjthomas said...

Andrea- Yes I've read Maus and even got a chance to meet Art Spiegelman once. Persepolis I'd definitely recommend as well if you like that one, although there are no Nazi Cats.
J-Make sure not to forget Park Chan Wook. I recently watched "I'm a Cyborg, But that's ok" =) That cat video sounds fun