25 April, 2012

Can't Say Goodbye

Across the waves the signal is clear
The call to action is heard resounding
as we continue to dream, of things once near
The President speaks, with satisfaction

Focused and intent, he is and strong
driving hell bent, we is, all night long
Blazing well intentioned, abating the fright
I hold hope near my heart on this cold summer night

Near my heart in my hand is my cell
in which I left a message intentioned so well
Now Lost forever I'm sure as I laugh through the night
Laughing because I'm too scared by my fright

By the bomb that was dropped by my friend who had died
as they rushed aimlessly in their lives just as I
the last thought that I thunk before lead filled my veins
was this all can't be real, 'fore I turned red with rage

And noone could drive faster than this lie

I left her a message, but now I can't say goodbye
but it's just her not me, and others died too
But now that she ain't here I don't know what to do

An excuse or a lie as I drink and I drive
by myself as I lie and I hear our old Prez
Whisper Let's Start a War
Let's Kill them Again

And so the War it begins
and I can't say goodbye
and I can't make amends
to my now dead best friend

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