29 April, 2012

Ruin is the Road to Transformation

Falling along with the leaves in November
Crashing headlong in the bushes when we're high on the throttle
Darkness surrounding, tryin not to remember
Struggling to be strong, holding onto our smiles
as we blaze along the back roads, broken

The brambles burn into our eyes Dust blows in the wind, Chemicals from the gutters
Everything in shambles as we roll from high to high
As we're reborn again, the light blinding the shuttered
And we struggle to hold onto pasts that are token

Our shattered hearts hearken, alighting in sensitivity
Searching hidden deep wells for hope, for reconnection
Fearing the darkness and our broken connectivity
Changing alignment as we rise from the wreckage
Knowing Ruin is the Road to Transformation
Pain is the Path to Our Salvation

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