09 May, 2012

8 May

So there I was, on the 535 bus to Bothell, writing some notes in my notebook about the bread I needed to pick up at the grocery and a little bit about an overheard conversation that I thought would make a good story idea. I looked out the front window, trying to figure out some street names and noticed the beautiful light green leaves of spring among falling flowers. I was on my way to meet a man for a potential illustration job.

Arriving nearly an hour early at the meeting place, I walked around the neighborhood, which was vacant except for a few men working on an electrical project on the side of the road. I came back to the coffee shop and ordered a small coffee, not because I liked coffee, but because I needed to wake up and I didn't want to pay $4 for something fancy. The young man and woman at the counter were very friendly- almost excessively so in a way that makes me a little uncomfortable and wondering if there isn't something wrong with my face. But I thanked them, nevertheless, took my coffee, loaded it with creamer, 3 or 4 sugars and milk. At this point, it is at least (to me) barely tolerable.

For the next thirty minutes I sat with my coffee, drinking and drawing in my sketchbook the flowers that sat in a tin cup on the table as I waited for my new client to come in. It was a strange thirty minutes as I noticed everyone that came in, but at the same time didn't want to appear that I was watching everyone that came in. I also didn't have a newspaper to cover the bottom half of my face.

My client eventually came in and we got to talking about the project. For sake of confidentiality I can't say too much, but the conversation eventually turned to Permaculture and Sweat Lodges and Finding Your True Self, all of this stuff I seem to want to capitalize. We hit it off well, I'd say and I agreed to send back some sketches for the project (of which I can't go into too many details).

As I waited for the bus home I was hit with a wall of fatigue. I did a few sketches on the way home and was happy to have pretty decent waiting times for the buses. I was(and am) quite happy to have the work, although it is with so much other temporary/freelance work only good for a limited time.

And so I started worrying about all manner of other things.

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