08 May, 2012


One day Paul and Maureen Deen
they birthed and raised a baby girl
although the system destroyed their dreams
they believed in her and in the world
Though as polite formalities
insanity, hypocrisy
and lies they spread like a disease
the two held fast and they "believed"
From June to May, hot instant jive
and endless days from nine to five
and fear spread all around their lives
they knew that everything's not fine
The war caused pain
Corporate Control more strain
and as ice caps melted
it was clear
their home sweet home
oh how it's changed
Regaining trust and power in
the places that they all lived in
the three saw faces they did not know
neighbors, friends, they made a show
An antithesis to greed, to power
Allowing local force to flower
And growing food and mending clothes
they relearned something they had known
And as they grew up old and grey
one day they finally left their cage
of nine to five and then they breathed
'twas all because they did believe...

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