09 May, 2012


It seems all of the recipes that I use regularly are pretty simple. They might have started out complicated but along the way they've been simplified to the point of only what is necessary.

Take the chili recipe.
An onion (Cooked in oil for 5-10 minutes)
A red pepper (Added to the onion)
A clove of garlic (Added at same time as pepper, cooked for 5-10 minutes)
A can of tomato paste (This is when you start mixing stuff in a bigger bowl)
A can of V8
A can of beans (Or if you're feeling adventurous, your own soaked/cooked beans)
I add some spices and call it chili, more or less
I've also been known to add cilantro in addition to the chili, cumin, salt, pepper, paprika
Or some sour cream or cheese for a creamier texture.

I don't know if the chili is that good. It is terribly simple.
I think it probably came from learning to cook for myself for so many years.

Next up in the Cooking Series: The horrors of mixing soy sauce with honey and ketchup to make a really strange broccoli oriental dish.

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