10 May, 2012

I hope it will be interesting

I'm trying to write at least one post a day, which I'm finding challenging when all of the obvious topics are dealt with. However 'tis where it gets more interesting and where one can begin to define their own ideas and themselves as an individual.

Take writing comics - the first 20 or 30 strips are not all that difficult. A joke about dogs. A joke about cats. You can make a list of the ordinary ones. It all is pretty obvious. But what happens when you run out of jokes? Or in life what happens when you've graduated college, bought your house with the white picket fence or published your book? What happens when the act of living and creating becomes more about the act itself and less about any predetermined goal?

I'd say that is where it gets interesting.

In the arts, there is something called "movements". I am not sure I completely understand this. There is the "abstract" movement, the "surreal" movement and a lot of others. I don't remember them all as I find it all a bit boring and is probably part of the reason I failed art history. The first person that explored "abstract" or whatever was probably having a lot of fun. Questioning why he was doing what he was doing, exploring new ways of expression. Somewhere along the lines the exploration stopped and people just followed the rulebook of other "abstract" artists and forgot all about the experience.

I think this is a shame and it's something I don't want to lose. But it's very difficult. Take paragraphs, for example. We are very used to writing in paragraphs
A N D USING g9rrrrammmmar and coooorrrreckT spelink
    for intended purposes:;--<
i could use grammar in
NEW ways
but at some^&^&*
point, to tell the
 I would probably


I would definitely get very bored with that. And I don't want to label myself, but I've never been too interested in the "abstract" and experimenting with form and with things that are completely abstract.

I don't want to box myself in, either. The journey is the destination. Who knows what tomorrow's posts, poems and recipes will bring. I hope it will be interesting.

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