31 May, 2012

Liquor, Liquor everywhere

Tomorrow, grocery stores in Washington will be carrying hard liquor. I guess it's not all that unusual in the USA, but growing up in Western Maryland, where one could only buy beer and wine in liquor stores, I still haven't grown accustomed to seeing beer in the refrigerators at 7-11's and I can't help but wonder what the effects of such easy availability to buy hard liquor will be.

It seems really fucked up to me that we are arguing about gay marriage and stalling about the health care bills, yet here we are at 2012, more or less endorsing behavior that is unhealthy.

For most of us that do not struggle with alcohol, this is no big deal. It just means going to the grocery instead of the liquor store for that rum they need to make pina coladas. For the hardcore alcoholic, though, it could be the difference between sobriety and temptation.

The grocery stores can choose whether or not to sell hard liquor at their stores and many of them have chosen to since it is likely to be quite profitable. I happily believe it is their right to do as they choose, although I will be quite happy to not visit them.

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