01 May, 2012

May is National Mental Health Month

May is National Mental Health Month.

But instead of "busting stigma" (which is sometimes used by drug companies to get more people to take and accept their drugs), I wanted to expand on some ideas that aren't always in the public eye. Articles about the complexities of mental health.

Originally, I had the audacious notion of posting something every day.

The breadth of content could certainly support it:
Nutrition, Wellness and Mental Health
Religion, Spirituality and Guru Psychopaths
Drugs, Cannabis and Prescriptions
Coffee and Anxiety: The Phantom Menace
Intelligence, Genius and Madness
Jobs that attract Mental Illness
Mental Illness and Culture(East vs. West, Bulimia, Hikkimori)
Pop Psychology, the newest fad Quick Fix
It's all in your mind, Culture is not to blame: Depression, Institutionalisation and Oppression
How to stop worrying and love being mentally ill(Mental Diversity, The Icarus Project, Peer Support)
Dystopian Futures and Utopian Visions

But in the end, one a day seemed a little daunting. However, I do plan to expand on some of the ideas above and hopefully a few others in the month of May. Please let me know if there is anythng I am missing out on.

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