14 May, 2012

Money vs. Self Respect

So I wrote a novella and it's still in the heavy editing phase so I had to think for a moment when I saw this ad on craigslist this morning.

The ad promises a quick one time pay-off of about 200 bucks for a novel or novella. If it's legit (this is craigslist, after all) it's more money than I probably will ever make on the book.

But then again, 200 bucks is not a lot of money for hundreds of hours of torture (anyone who tells you writing novels is fun must be lying) and I wonder if 200 bucks is enough money to buy my self-respect and all rights to a very personal book. If it were 20,000 dollars or 2 million, I'd probably still be thinking about it, but 200 bucks?

That's not enough money to buy my self-respect. But then again, should any amount of money be enough to buy that?

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