12 May, 2012

Things I learned today

  1. I can bike all the way to Snoqualmie, but need to drink more water or I might get heatstroke
  2. The roots of a lot of plants look like little babies. Or maybe I paid too much attention during Harry Potter
  3. Nutella is really really gross  when used in place of peanutbutter
  4. One can watch the first and last episodes of a TV show and it actually makes it more interesting. Except for Lost. I give up on that one- it's too confusing, yet too tedious to watch every episode.
  5. I really need to move somewhere further away from the city and somewhere where it's at least a little sunnier because eight months of rain is difficult.
  6. Yoga is really good for stretching out the lower back muscles
  7. I have no idea what I'm doing


Janeczka said...

I love Nutella. I don't get peanut butter. One of those cultural differences, I guess :p
I agree on Lost.
Eight months of rain, reminds me of England, although it never got that bad. I wouldn't say the same about Scotland, though. But lots of rain means lots of green grass and trees, right?

ozjthomas said...

Yes, very green =)
But yes, like England.
I'm not sure I get nutella and I can't have pbutter
I watched the first few episodes of Lost and got bored =p