20 May, 2012

What I Thought I Knew when I Knew Nothing at All

When I knew nothing I thought
I knew it all
Where I'd be, Who I'd see
when I was older and tall

I never thought I'd see
anything of what I've seen
Although I always suspected I'd
drop out  'ventually

I thought I knew everything
but I knew nothing at all
Jobless and Lifeless
My life hit a wall

As I became everything
I had despised
my hopes only memories
my past turned to lies

My form fallen fat
My love turned and faded
My strength turned to nothing
My soul 'maciated

As I did not care
As I drunk and toked
As I sat and stared
as I grasped onto smoke

I watched Buddha die
I watched Jesus lie
I watched the lost find
there was no "me" inside

I thought I could do everything
everything all alone
but death only visited
visited me in my home

I wanted to be
be what I could not forget
I wanted to see
but I lived in regret

But only one hope
lived as memories resounded

the truth - alone, I knew nothing
a profound life was unbounded

And so I began
old but still not yet wise
perhaps I'll become older yet
one day
a fool in disguise

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