16 January, 2013

Diary of a Schizo: Hot Yoga

A few days back I went to a new yoga studio and passed out in the shower. This studio, which was a Bikram studio was terribly hot even by hot yoga standards. The other yoga place I had been going was hot also, although I didn't usually develop a puddle on my yoga mat there. Sadly, though it was a nice studio, it was something like $17 a class and I make roughly $nothing so the decision to spend that same 20 for a trial month at the Bikram studio seemed to make sense.

The new studio also had the benefit of being slightly bigger, hence having more than one guy in every class. Being a male, I find it kind of awkward to often be the only guy in class. I don't stare at the other yogis or anything, but it is such an awkward situation to begin with!

Every studio, like gym seems to have different social rules. Some are friendlier than others. I've only made one friend though - the guy who woke me up when I passed out. I made a few acquiantances at the old studio, but these places aren't very social. Being in Seattle, home of the Freeze, most people are polite enough, but pretty much to themselves and they're there for yoga, saying Namaste and sweating wayyyy too much.

I'm really glad I didn't faint on my second visit there. It's not really the health problems that worry me about that. Or the fact that I was laying naked on the gym shower floor. I just found it embarrasing.


Andrea Rouda said...

This is funny, although also disturbing...are you sure you want to go back there? Maybe do cold yoga or room temperature yoga.

Love when you wrote you made a friend--the guy who woke you up. Maintain that sense of humor!

ozjthomas said...

I really like going to class even though I can do yoga by myself pretty easily. I've seen some room temp yoga but I bus or walk everywhere so I'm a little bit limited there. I don't think I'll stick with it past the trial though.

Katerina Bon Vora said...

Ive never tried hot yoga before. sounds pretty hot though. ;) hope you find the right class for you. i think its fun to practice with others - well at least for me.

ozjthomas said...

Thanks, Kat. Yeah 105 F and 50% humidity :p.