20 January, 2013

If Bones Could Talk

My bones protruded morbidly
My  flesh decayed with certainty
I smiled, danced and laughed with glee
they called me a deformity. 
Why do you dance and prance about
While us with life wish to avow
That joy is not what we all want
We're waiting for our time to come.

Yes I am gross and so decayed
I laugh and dance and prance so gay
in health I found I never lived
I died and found an awesome gift.

You are a fool, you are a kook
you certainly don't know the truth
You speak of joy and laugh with glee
But we know life IS misery.

I will not argue with you dears
and I can no longer shed tears
but now I'm more alive that thee
though worms live where my heart should be.

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