02 February, 2013

Diary of a Schizo - Forgetful Me

With being laid off from my temp job, looking for work, finally getting that tooth pulled at the dentist and having to reschedule my tattooing until I can get another job and save money, I had completely forgotten about this poor little blog.

Please accept my apologies.

Life has been crazy. I was very happy as usual working at the nursery. Today we hosted a smaller volunteer group but we still had about 15 people volunteering and potting plants. I am very happy I am able to do this work and feel great kinship with the others there. I guess sometimes I overthink things and worry that I do not do a good enough job. Mostly I worry about being awkward with the social aspects of hanging out with other people and talking about Justin Bieber or actresses who are too fat or too angry or diets or TV or movies or something equally inane. I still like them, but honestly, the endless blathering sometimes drives me nuts.

Applications for jobs have been flooding out of my inbox but very few have been coming back in. Resumes are being distributed. There are a few internships and classes at Permaculture Farms as well as less idealistic applications at smaller companies and even a few cafes.

There is also a temp job next week as Thomas Haden Church and Toni Collete are shooting a movie here in Seattle and I was called in to be an extra. I can not say too much more other than the movie is on IMDB here http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1885299/
because someone may shoot me if I say too much(shoot me with a lawsuit perhaps):

On the way home, while I was waiting for the bus, a lady in a truck stopped and called out:
"Do you want a ride?"

I hesitated, thinking of that drunk guy I used to give rides to in Maryland. I thought we should trust people more and so I said "OK."

I told her that I was volunteering, that we have 10's of thousands of plants we plant all throughout the Seattle area in the nursery. I told her I had some work but was looking for work currently as I was temporarily laid off from the temp job I was working.

She told me of her dream of creating a company that would sell planters for balconies and specific plants that people could easily grow and maintain.

As she is talking, oblivious to the road ahead, and obviously overexcited, I am a bit apprehensive. She talks about her daughter and college and keeps coming back to her grand plan. We take a detour to the landfill and she doesn't seem to really notice when they tell her there will be a twenty dollar surcharge for not tying the bags in her truck down.

She unloads the bags and finishes telling me her plans. I tell her it's a great idea and she offers to be partners. I'm a bit overwhelmed, especially considering my lack of experience and the sudden offer and tell her I will think about it. I realise she is a nice lady that is probably a bit lonely as her daughter is off at school on the other side of the nation. I'm not sure how to continue the conversation. I tell her that I considered going to SCAD for college(another great art school) but never did. We exchange numbers and part.

Life is crazy and I'm glad I took the ride.
It was much different than my many memorable rides with the happy alcoholic, yelling at him to shut the door so he didn't fall out as I was driving 60 miles per hour towards Frederick.


Andrea Rouda said...

This is hysterical! I loved reading it, you have quite a writing voice. Also, I LOVE Thomas Haden Church and have always wanted to be an extra in a movie, do it! I bet you can make some decent $$$ and even start getting a rep for this. I have often suggested this for my son (Zack), but who listens to their mother?

ozjthomas said...

haha thanks. I think if one wanted, one could make a go at things like this, although one would have to move, either to Vancouver BC and ideally LA or NYC and it's really just something I thought I could do and was easy and would fill some time. I bet Zack would do quite well. If he ever does go, remind him to take a book or some mp3's because most of the time you are just waiting.