13 February, 2013

Looking forward to the Day after Valentines

I lead a very boring life it seems. Mostly I do the same things week after week. I make my yogurt and meals for the week on the weekend. I practice yoga and run before going to work. I work and come home to work on artwork and sometimes I visit with other people. For fun I like to plant trees and hike in the woods.

I do the same things except in the fall I like to can and try to see the stars when it's not cloudy.

I thought about posting something to one of those dating sites just for fun, but the truthiness I would have to install in anything I write would scare away anyone I would want to talk to.

"Boring, middle aged bachelor seeks friend who he may or may not want to hang out with all the time. Said bachelor is interested in making food at home and drawing. Said bachelor is very poor. Said bachelor is crazy."

So tomorrow is Valentines Day and aside from St.Patty's day it is one of the worst holidays we have. I don't say this because I am not dating but because I feel a Hallmark holiday is a bad reason to be romantic. Not that I have much experience in said things anyway. I'd much rather hike in the woods and draw than deal with all the craziness and delusions that come along with dating.

The day after Valentines is a great day, though. It's called "Discount Chocolate Day".

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Andrea Rouda said...

My heart goes out to you. Your life sounds like an enviable one to me, much better than, "I got up, scarfed down a manufactured breakfast bar, fought the traffic to my office cubicle, and pretended to like my horrid workmates."

As you well know, Valentines' Day exists for florists and purveyors of chocolates to make money. It has almost nothing to do with sincere feelings on anyone's part. Even married people are lonely. Make art! Plant trees!