22 February, 2013

How small are we?

The human population of Asia is just over 4 billion - well over half of the worlds human population. The human population of all of Europe and the Americas, by comparison is about 1.5 billion. The number of bacteria in a human body is ten times the number of human cells but are necessary, mostly for digestion. The number of bacterial cells outnumbers the population of the world.
I suppose I like thinking about these facts because after reading Andreas post , they remind me that I am just one person in a great big swarm of humans. It reminds me just how small I am.

But when I think about just how similar I am to other animals, like Bonobos, who have been known not only to wash their food, but to season it and use tools.
to Ants, who have been known to "milk" aphids for honeydew, in exchange for protection, I don't feel quite as small.

And when I think about other things like the fact that our $32,000 a year average wage  is actually the top 1% and how out average 5'10" is actually quite tall, it makes me feel more normal for making 10,000 dollars a year and being 5'6".


Andrea Rouda said...

Again, I love reading your thoughts, but again, I don't follow your conclusion. How does understanding how small we are male you see how big we are? We are not big.....are we?

I must be missing something. :)

ozjthomas said...

Thanks Andrea. I had an idea when I published and wrote it but lost some of what was intended. I am going back to edit the article to hopefully make more sense in it.