15 February, 2013

What they say is hard is easy

Sometimes I am amazed. I had a four hour tattoo done, barely wincing and the tattooist said he had never seen anyone move or react so little. I recently braved and am braving a few times a week hot yoga classes that on occasion make me extremely dizzy and nauseous. There were remarks that this yoga is difficult and remarks that this tattooing business is painful. To me, it doesn't seem painful. To me, climbing a mountain on a bike is not amazing, staying up for three days is not so bad, someone dying is not so painful.

I don't say this to say that I am some macho superman but it is funny that what is said is hard is actually quite easy and simple while what is thought to be easy or painless, to me, at least, is extremely painful.

Public speaking and acting, fasting- easy, painless
Going to a party and dancing, eating too much- painful
Working very hard on a project, living on caffeine and adrenaline- easy
Going to a soul crushing job day after day- painful
Going to the dentist, getting a 4 hour tattoo, walking until your feet bleed- not so bad
Trying to find a reason to live- enough to drive one to suicide.


Andrea Rouda said...

I so totally relate, except for the things I could never do: get a tattoo, bike up a mountain. I took one hot yoga class and it took me a week to recover. But the other stuff, I too feel your pain...literally.

(Great post, by the way: short and sweet, pithy, personable!)

ozjthomas said...

:) Yeah. I don't really idolize sports stars or actors even though they do amazing feats. I feel like what parents and everyday workers do is much more amazing.