29 December, 2014

An update

So my doctor wants me to put an update to keep up on where I am emotionally and mentally.

This Viibryd drug sucks. I refuse to take the other drug since the nurse refuses to work with me on a treatment plan and so I'm stuck with an antidepressant that doubles for Ex-Lax with a side order of Red Bull. I've been on meds for the past 4 months- switching every 2 or 4 weeks and I'm about done with it. I'm either sleeping half the day or experiencing the joy that is chronic diarrhea. The fact that the nurse refuses to work with me on a treatment plan and instead insists on continuing to up the dose of antipsychotic despite side effects and diminished mental capacity means the treatment is really shitty.

Life is coming along, as ever. I have a few art paid art projects- cards, mugs, drawings as well as a few projects(comics, books) that I am working on with hopes they amount to something.

I've been getting depressed because I don't really know anyone out here- the community is a suburbia full of rich 10 year olds and soccer moms and I miss my old friends and parks and places to pick mushrooms and berries. I know I need the support of the family but still, I'm working towards getting free of this place as psychologically it is leading me to be more neurotic, I fear.

I'm hopeful, somewhat, that things will get better, but I'm not sure where to go from here, not that it matters.

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