06 February, 2017

Day 1 (2/6)

Banana and Coffee
Lentils with Potatoes

1/4 Pristiq

Worked on artwork in the am and read and wasted time on the internet
Ran 5.2 miles and did various exercises
Drove around to find bloodwork for thyroid
Volunteered at Humane Society- played with dogs, made treats, did laundry
Drove home, then went to class

Notes: Was frustrated often at things I felt I was doing wrong- wasting time on internet, later I could not find the lab and hated myself because I get so lost and turned around, was unmotivated at animal shelter and class and hated myself also.
This is a definite pattern but things are ok.

On the plus side, I am starting to feel a little less depressed now that the antidepressants are wearing off. It is increasing for me my ability to get agitated, though, to not be as emotionally numb, but the drawbacks are just getting worse while the benefits almost nil.
On the down side, I thought I was just having cat allergies but I think I've got a mofo cold. :( headache and runny nose and itchy throat. Damn.


 Sunny and warm made me happy and now that the antidepressants are wearing off, I am not as depressed.

Seasonal Patterns

I tend to get depressed this time of year. I am glad it is warmer so I could run outside. It is good to have the class because it is allowing me to do something, but I feel like it is all pointless and I will not make a good thing of it anywway.

Life Events

I also started taking the turmeric and am trying to eat healthier and be more aware of patterns, especially more complex ones. Nothing comes from nowhere.

I am taking a break from the nettle in case it is causing allergies, too. Hopefully it is not and it is just a cold. I will probably need to take allegy shots if I have to work with cats.

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