08 February, 2017

Day 2(2/7)

Was really tired and did not post last night.
Diet: Bananas w/Oats
Lentils soup and a few rolls
Coffee, a lot of h20, a coke zero
a few valentine chocolates

1/4 pristiq
no haldol

Notes: I have a craving at times for candy. I think this isn't good for the hypoglycemia. I also have tendency not to eat enough and get hungry, then reach for easily accessable chocolate.
The pristiq withdrawal is slow going but going well, am already experiencing less depression and derealisation.

Activity: Woke up with a cold. Went running outside, because I am OCD although I wonder the wisdom of this and if it makes the sickness worse. I definitely had trouble breathing. Later on, went to get dayquil to decrease running nose and sneezing and donated plasma. There was a new lady drawing blood, but she was good. I again beat myself up over not being too social, but tried to be genial to everyone. I used the money to buy groceries(typical stuff, lentils, bananas, etc, coke zero) as well as fill up on gas.

I came home to study and did some drawing, then wasted time on internet, unable to focus and about 1-2 i fell asleep for about an hour or hour and a half. I spent about an hour and a half studying before going to class.

I don't have a good balance at times, or focus and wind up wasting time so it is good to have a schedule but will be glad when night school is over.

We had our lectures which were about radiology, a bit boring but useful info and we got some time to look at our blood smear slides. I fell asleep prety quick. I think this cold is wearing on me.

I slept an entire 8 hours and feel refreshed but know one I get back to not having a cold, will go back to sleeping 3-5 hours a night.

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