09 February, 2017

Day 3 (2/8/16)

Was really tired and did not post last night. This is becoming a pattern.
Diet: Bananas
Lentils soup and a few rolls
Coffee, a lot of h20, a coke zero

1/4 pristiq
no haldol

Notes: I did not eat as much, did not feel weak, but emotionally tired. Not sure how much is the cold and how much other things. I did not eat candy, am more aware of this but did have more coffee and took a nap.

Activity: Woke up with a cold. I think its getting better. Nose not running constantly. Did art and wasted time online, watching youtube. Went biking at the gym. Awkward, polite, hating myself for this. Was going to sauna, but felt too tired, probably from cold. Did not go hiking and went home for 4 hours until class. Was frustrated bc unfocused. Did art foir a while, but then watched dumb nintendo videos and read a bit on existentialism and animals.

I had a good time at class. Today was lab day and we were set free which i didn't know much what to do, but it turned out ok, despite my worries. Someone in class mentioned I shouldn't ignore dogs, but I was doing so purposely as I do not know much their disposition and did not want to startle them. Still, I think it hurt personally.

I came home  and was really tired and fell asleep after playing fire emblem on the ds.
I only slept 5 or so hours, but that is typical for me. I feel like this cold is still here, but better.

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