10 February, 2017

Day 4 of TMI

So yesterday happened and this blog is just going to show how boring and predictable my life is.
There was not much of not yesteday. Looking at it, I ate the same things, mostly(bananas and later, soup for a later meal) and because I didn't eat enoguh it probably made me crave candy, i think.

My early morning was punctuated by running, giving blood, all things which I felt socially awkward doing. My weight was down which made me feel happy for a second, although I don't like to admit that. I also have a few extra dollars in my debit card which is nice. I was really tired after the plasma and it looked to be snowing, so I came home, had a hearty dinner of soup and bread and vegged out.

I worked on some art, wasted time and watched les Mis. I actually focused on it, which was good, although i wonder how much was the haldol that reduced my anxiety.
I fell asleep early which led to me waking at 10 and then finally at 12. I got some sleep, but now it is 6 am, I have been watching youtube and drawing comics for a few hours and am exhausted and really dreading the day at vet school.
I am sure I can physically do it, as I always do, but am emotionally exhausted and disconnected.
I don't know. Just looking to get it over with.

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